Jérôme Dolbert



Director, Producer, Writer, and Editor


Jérôme Dolbert was born and raised in Paris, France. He began making 8 mm films at the age of 10. Jerome has over 15 years of solid experience in the entertainment industry, TV Commercials, broadcast media and multi-media, as a Director, Producer, Writer, and Editor. His specialties are Entertainment Media, Broadcast Industry, Media Production, Media market, International Business development.


He worked for some of Europe’s biggest and most well-known media corporations and television networks, such as the award winning TF1 Group, Kanal D, Star TV, and Doğan Media Group. He got a Marketing Communications Master’s Degree at EDC Business School in Paris, France. He has trained at elite international film schools including the Cours Florent, one of France’s most prestigious drama schools, and he  graduated from UCLA, where he completed a program in Directing Films. His GPA: 3.77 – University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), which consistently ranks among the top 15 universities worldwide.


TF1 Group is a French media holding company (French: Groupe TF1), the owner of channel TF1, the largest European private TV channel, and Eurosport, the largest European sports network with a revenue: €2.622 billion (2010), an operating income: €313.2 million (2010), and a profit €228.3 million (2010). TF1’s average market share of 24% makes it the most popular domestic network. It is also considered to be the most viewed television channel in Europe. Flagship series include CSI, The Voice, The Mentalist, Grey’s Anatomy, and House M.D.


TF1 – Teleshopping – a highly successful, 24 hour/7 day a week home shopping television network that was televised via cable, satellite, and terrestrial channels throughout Europe by the TF1 Group.  He worked for the network Teleshopping reported a total annual turnover of €2.34 million (approximately $3.2 million USD).


Doğan Teleshopping – a highly successful 24 hour/7 day a week Turkish home shopping television network that was created for Doğan Media Group as a spin-off of TF1’s Teleshopping network. He worked for the network, “Doğan Teleshopping” reported a total annual turnover of €3.12 million (approximately $4.27 million USD).


He have also worked with internationally renowned brands and companies, including Coca-Cola, Fanta, and Disneyland Paris. Moreover, he have routinely played a multidimensional role in both producing and directing the scripts for many of the commercial, film, and television projects.


His film “The Others” has been selected in different festivals (Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood – Fall 2013 – Winner Award of Meritm, New Filmmakers New-York – Winter 2014, IFS Film Festival LA, Beverly Hills – May 27th – June 10th, 2014).